Mascaro Fines, Compliance and
Request for Renewal of Permit

Information received from PDEP spokesperson
on March 16, 2001

On Dec. 26, 2000, Mascaro paid a civil penalty in the amount of $812,093.08
for the following violations:

. . . $267,500 for 55 documented odor violations from July 1999 to Dec. 2000 at Pioneer Crossing Landfill.
. . . $6,750 for accepting autoclaved -infectious waste from Sacred Heart Hospital from March 1996 through Jan. 2000 at Pioneer Crossing Landfill without a PA manifest.
. . . $345,343.08, a civil penalty awarded to the department by the Environmental Hearing Board and upheld by Commonwealth Court, for failure to complete capping of a portion of the Pioneer Crossing Landfill by its permit deadline.
. . . $145,000 for 29 documented odor violations at A & M Composting from July 1999 through Dec. 2000.
. . . $40, 750 for repeat violations including but not limited to, the failure to keep finished compost on the lined permitted areas and failure to maintain negative pressure in the compost building.

On Jan. 18, 2001, Mascaro filed an application to renew A & M Composting's permit in Penn Township, Lancaster County. The application was determined to be administratively complete on Feb 7. The sixty day comment period began on Feb. 7 and will end on April 9.
A copy of the application is at Penn Township and also available for review at our Harrisburg Regional office between the hours 8:30 to 4 Monday through Friday. Please call 717-705-4732 to schedule an appointment.
To date, we have not received any comments on this application.
If you would like, you may submit comments in writing to
Mr. Robert Benvin,
DEP Southcentral Office,
909 Elmerton Ave.,
Harrisburg, PA 17110.

We will accept comments on this application throughout the review period. Obviously, the earlier comments are submitted the better it is for our review staff.
Finally, we don't anticipate making a final decision on this before the fall.

BLO fecit 20010316